Happiness is a Road, Not a Destination


You may have different beliefs on what is more important in life: the ends or the means. I believe that all that matters in life is the means by which you get to the end, because we all get to the end at some point. Why rush it? The same applies to happiness – some people see it as destination (end), when I see it as the road (means).

Speed Bumps 

No matter how happy you are at any given time, no matter how much you think you’ve finally reached your destination – happiness – you will encounter road blocks and speed bumps at some point. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a job change, a move, a crazy busy period in your life, etc., something will step in the way of your happiness. Therefore, happiness is not the end – if it was, nothing could get in the way. Happiness is the road because it’s a constant effort to keep on trucking, even when those speed bumps are trying to knock your tires off.

Running Out of Gas  

There are just some times in life where you’re dog tired. Crap keeps piling up, you’ve had a bad couple of days, weeks, or months, and you’re just plain sick of it. You don’t feel like fighting it – you just want to pull over and take a rest. Maybe you’ve entirely run out of gas, so even if you wanted to get back on the road you’re kinda stuck. Now, if happiness was the destination, you wouldn’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. You’d just relax until your tank was full, right? Happiness is the road, because traveling is long and hard and you’re gonna need to refill your tank. Take care of yourself, so you can keep trucking on the road that is happiness.



It doesn’t matter how fast you go on the road, you’re always going to have passengers. Sometimes they’re good passengers, who rock out with you on the best musical road trip ever, and sometimes you want to open their door and push them out doing 80. The people make all the difference, and you can pick people up along the way and drop off some people if you can. If happiness was the destination, the people who made you happiest would already be there, without that shared history. But because happiness is the road, you share your experiences and you have people that shape the trip into something truly memorable.

Speed Traps  

Of course you want to get where you’re going, and you want to get there quickly. Just when you think you’re really making good time, you see those flashing lights in the rearview. There are people that will always try to kill your vibe – and pull you over to let you know that your path to happiness is just not going to work. If happiness was a destination, nobody could interfere. But it’s the road, so remember that people will always try to slow you don’t. Don’t pull over.

Hi, I’m Steven.
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Together, we make the dynamic duo behind this website. We are a married couple living in Austin, Texas with our 3 children and 4 dogs. We met in college, and fell fast in love. Shortly after we got married 6 years ago, Monica was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer.