How Happiness Became the Joneses’ Next Big Thing


It seems like everywhere you look, happiness is something that you MUST have. “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy ___,” or “Find happiness here!” or multiple blog posts about the easiest way to be happy in life. It’s everywhere! You may read these posts or advertisements, or see books on the shelf and think, “I’m not happy yet! I need to change that!” I’m here to tell you that happiness is not something you need to acquire right now, like that 65” wifi TV or the 6 speedsnowblower the Joneses have next door. Happiness is not something to be acquired, it’s something to be earned.

Money Can’t Buy You Love  

We all know money can’t buy us happiness, even though material possession can definitely make us happy. We also know that some of the richest people are the loneliest because money can’t give you people who love you. But lately, it seems that happiness is the latest hot seller; ads, books, TV shows, blogs, etc. all promise you the most solutions to your happiness problems. In reality, though, what one person says about happiness is not what’s going to be tailor-made for your life and your happiness. In the end, no amount of self help books or seminars about happiness can help you change your situations – only you can.



Everyone’s Doing It 

It seems like everywhere you look, people are quitting their jobs to start up amazing nonprofits and live in tiny homes, or people are leaving their dead end marriages for the hottie they met on vacation. All in the name of happiness. Of course they’re happy! But doesn’t it make you feel a little icky inside, worried that you’ll never find your happiness? In this way, the search for happiness has become a contest, something we check in with all of our friends to see who is doing the most to gain more happiness, or who is living our “happy dream.” Just like keeping up with the Joneses, keeping up with our happiness goals has become a competition.

Happiness Isn’t Instant 

Despite what everything you’re reading, seeing, and hearing says – happiness does not come overnight, with one single decision. Happiness is a daily choice, made with difficult options and plain old hard work. What makes you happy isn’t going to be easy, and what comes easy isn’t going to make you happy. When someone says they know the one thing you should do to make yourself happier right now, keep scrolling, put down the book, turn off the TV, and walk away. Happiness is individually created, and individually owned. Nobody can mass produce happiness. They can maybe give you some points, but don’t ever expect the same results as the next person. Your happiness is your responsibility, and it takes time. If you’re not patient, you won’t ever be entirely happy. You’ve heard the phrase, “The best things come to those that wait,” and happiness is truly no different.

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