Tip: Be Happy by Letting Yourself be Sad


You’re probably thinking, “That’s crazy! Sad is the opposite of happy!” and you’re right. But just because you’re sad doesn’t mean you’ll never be happy again right? Here are a few ways that being sad can actually help you be happier.

Letting Yourself Cry 

When you feel an intense (unhappy) emotion, let yourself feel it, rather than pushing it away. When you let that feel sort of wash over you, without entirely controlling your whole life, you’re essentially telling your body, “We are human, and humans feel a range of emotions.” When you don’t let yourself express your sadness (or any other supposed “negative” emotion), you deny your body that release, and it will internalize it, making you hold in that bad energy that can make you sick and generally much more unhappy.

Crying beautiful woman photo

Crying beautiful woman photo


Grief Shows You a Lot 

Are you sad because a relationship ended or you lost a loved one? By being sad, you’re allowing yourself to grieve properly, and to say that this person or this relationship was really important to me, and I’m sad it’s gone. But it also shows you that you value that sort of relationship, or that sort of person, and you can cherish what those things did for you as a person. It may also show you things that you wish you could have changed, that maybe you can change the next time around. Maybe you wish you had said, “I love you” more, and now you can start saying it to the people who truly care. Grow from what makes you sad to make your life happier moving forward.

Happy = Healthy 

If you internalize your sadness and “negative” emotions, you’re telling your body to store all of that bad juju. That bad juju keeps growing and growing because it doesn’t have an outlet, and you can’t get over the sadness (or anger, or whatever). Then, it’s a downward spiral into emotions you can’t control, which in turn affect your outlook on life and your health. You can’t be healthy and be sad all the time – it just doesn’t work that way. You can’t be happy when you’re sad all the time. So let it out. Tell someone if you’re sad, work through it somehow, and get it out. Even if you don’t feel like talking about it, releasing some of that burden can help you lighten the load and the sun can come back in.

Happy active family jumping in green field against blue sky. Summer vacation concept

Happy active family jumping in green field against blue sky. Summer vacation concept

Sadness is Strength 

People who have been through the most often are the strongest people you know. Even when they’ve experienced incredible sadness, they come out victorious on the other side. Let this be a lesson for your life; no matter what events knock you down, you can grow from them. Sadness is something that tends to show us what is most important in life, and show us what we don’t want to feel again. Don’t get stuck in it; grow from it, and make your life better because you’ve been through it.

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