How Success and Happiness Affect Each Other


You know that feeling when you’ve really made it? Where you feel like you’ve made a difference, established yourself in a job or career that makes you happy? Plus it pays the bills? Maybe you don’t, but it’s something that most of us aim for, right? If you’re wondering if you have to be successful to be happy, here is why the two are often so interchangeable in our world today.

Money Can Buy Happiness 

Even if you’re shaking your head, money does buy us a modicum of happiness. It buys us a secure roof over our heads, great food on the table, lets us live our dreams (having kids, traveling the world, saving for retirement, etc.), and gives us a little extra cushion in case something goes wrong. You know this is true, because not having money means that you’re stressed, you’re digging for change in the couch cushions, and you’re wondering when you’re going to stop feeling this way. Having a successful life – whether as an employee, investor, entrepreneur, whatever you want to be – means that you produce enough income to pay for your lifestyle. Therefore, in this case, success does equate to happiness.

Work Gives us Value  

You know that soul sucking job that you just hate? How you feel like crying whenever you walk the door? And you know that job that you fantasize about, where you love your coworkers and you do work that you love? Well, this is further proof that how we define success makes us happier. If you had that job you loved, even if it paid less than the soul sucking one you want to leave, wouldn’t you be happier? Wouldn’t you be able to come home at night and not drink 3 beers just to get over the day you had? Having work we love provide us value means that we, as humans, feel more useful, more happy, and yes, more successful.

Couple on a jetty at Lake Ianthe, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand, Pacific

Couple on a jetty at Lake Ianthe, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand, Pacific

Happiness = Success 

Let’s flip the tables for a moment, and consider how much happiness can create success. Don’t you feel more successful when you’re happy at work? Doesn’t going to work with a good mood make you feel a little better about everything you do in a day? Being happy actually gives us more ability to become successful , as we have more energy and more desire to do the things that make us successful. This can either mean in monetary value – what we make from a job when we’re happier there – or in personal value – feeling like maybe we’re doing something really good for the company or others when we do this specific job. Happiness also changes our outlook on life. When we choose to be happy, doesn’t everything sort of fall into place? That washer that just went out is a pain, sure, but it’s an obstacle you can overcome because you’re not going to let it drag you down. Don’t let your external events define your happiness.

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