How To Live A Stress-Free Life

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Stress Free

Stress is a very common thing in the 21st century. Nearly every single person on the planet experiences stress at a certain point in their lives. This means that stress is a global pandemic. The internet is full of publications on how to cope with stress and many writers have made fortunes out of writing self-help books on stress management. More and more individuals are seeking the help of psychiatrists to help them cope with stress in their daily lives. However, there are simple non-strenuous steps that one can follow in order to keep stress at bay.

Identify the trigger

First and foremost, one should identify what triggers their stress. It helps to list down all the things that causes one to be stressed. Listing these situations down helps one to determine the best way to deal with them before they get out of hand.

One thing at a time

Another way to be stress-free is to avoid juggling multiple tasks at once. Heavy multitasking is a major cause of stress. Try doing one thing at a time. Multitasking causes people to lose focus on what they are doing and also lose focus on what is important. It is important for one to prioritize their work and then focus on one task at a time.

De-clutter Schedule

Multitasking goes hand in hand with a cluttered schedule. A hectic schedule is a guaranteed trigger for stress. Not everything that is to be done is worth doing. Sometimes it is okay not to do everything. One should de-clutter their schedule by picking only what is mandatory and dropping tasks that are of less importannce. People should learn to allocate time for rest in their schedule to allow them a chance to recover their energy and also relax the mind.

Stay Healthy

A healthy body is a stress-free body. Being healthy does not necessarily mean running a hundred miles a day, taking yoga classes and going to the gym daily. Being healthy can be as simple as picking up a healthy habit every month. Simple healthy habits can include things like drinking lots of water during the day, eating a fruit after every meal or taking a 20min stroll daily after work.

Have Fun

Lastly, try to have fun. Life is too short for one to go through it sulking without having any fun. Having fun lightens one mood and makes them feel happier and better about themselves. This feeling in turn gives them a positive attitude when it comes to tackling their problems. It is easy to have simple fun moments on a daily basis. Playing with children is a good way to have fun. Children are a good source of joy and playing with them makes one feel rejuvenated. Another fun thing to do is playing board games. Board games are a good way to bond with children, family or peers and make delightful memories.


Stress can be detrimental to a person health if not managed properly and on time. People should ensure they find ways to reduce their stress levels in order to live happier lives. Sometimes stress can be inevitable. It is important for one to practice these simple routines in their daily lives in order to reduce their stress levels.

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