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People struggle through life in order to achieve the ultimate goal. This ultimate goal varies from one person to another. To some people being super rich and famous is the ultimate goal. To others it is following their passion. Others may argue that it is finding true love. At the end of the day, all these perceptions boil down to one thing; happiness. Everybody just wants to be happy in life. However, there are those who find it hard to be happy due to various reasons. Over the years people have downplayed the importance of being happy. Some even go as far as declaring that they don’t have time to be happy. These people do not realize how being a happy person affect their lives. Here are five reasons why you should be a happy person.

There is a lot to be thankful for

Most people walk around sad without realizing how much they should be thankful for. Most people have good families that care about them, good jobs that pays their bills, good health and yet they still feel sad. One should stop looking at what they don’t have and be grateful for what they do have because they have more than other people would wish for.

Happiness Increases Productivity

Happy people tend to be more productive in their respective careers or endeavors. Happiness gives one a good attitude towards everything and allows them to perform tasks with gusto. Sad people spend most of their times complaining about everything and end up doing less to none in the long run. Happiness makes a person to be self-driven and motivated towards achieving one’s goals.

To build better relationships

Happy people have better relationships with others. People are generally attracted to happy individuals and therefore, they make friends easily. Happy people have more friends and fewer enemies. Happy people also have better personal relationships with their partners. Sad people are tiresome to be around since they have a dull aura around them. It is for these reasons that people avoid them in favor of happier people.

Happiness is healthy

Happiness has a positive impact on one’s health. This fact is evident in the saying, ”laughter is the best medicine”. Being happy and having more laughter in one’s life improves the body immune system making one to be less prone to diseases. Even doctors recommend happiness or laughter as a way of increasing one’s lifespan.

You are alive!

Hundreds of people die daily due to one reason or another. The fact that you are alive and kicking today is enough reason to be happy.  Many people go to bed at night and don’t live to see the next day. Life is precious and should therefore be appreciated. Smile, be happy and enjoy the sunlight while being grateful to be alive.


Happiness is not a destination but a journey. Most people assume that when they get a certain thing or reach a certain level of achievement, they will be happy. Being happy is a choice. One can start being happy whenever they want to. Choose to be a happy person today.

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