A Few Words

Hi, I’m Steven.

And Hi, I’m Monica!

Together, we make the dynamic duo behind this website. We are a married couple living in Austin, Texas with our 3 children and 4 dogs. We met in college, and fell fast in love. Shortly after we got married 6 years ago, Monica was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. She had to have a full hysterectomy, which meant we could never have children of our own.
I (Monica) took a huge hit emotionally, and felt that I was nothing without this idea of family – 3 kids and a white picket fence. I was not a woman because I couldn’t reproduce. It took me about a year of serious depression before Steven pulled me out of my funk.

I (Steven) am a marketer, which means I have a large background in sociology and psychology. I knew what made people happy (or what they thought made them happy), so I set out to find something new that would make Monica happy. On our 2nd wedding anniversary, I took Monica to the airport and started our “worldwide love affair.” I took her everywhere I knew she wanted to go, we had a blast, we saw the sights, and we made a commitment to each other to always help the other be happy.



When we got back to the States, Monica went back to work and Steven did too. But Steven kept trying to find new goals for us to work on as a couple, and we bought a magnificent house that was probably a bit too much to renovate. But we did it anyways, and the house we live in now is magical. About 3 years ago, we decided to adopt. We knew we wanted children, and we had healed enough from my traumatic surgeries to finally accept that those children would just not be made by us. So 3 years ago, we adopted triplets. Yes, we do everything big in Texas.

Since then, Monica has stayed home (and tried not lose too much hair), and Steven has changed marketing professions to find ways to market useful services and businesses, rather than soul sucking Big Businesses. The result is our happiness levels spiked – we both had “work” that fed our souls, and we were getting exactly what we had always wanted out of life. When we began talking to our friends about how happy we were, many of our friends lamented, “Oh, that’s great for you, but not all of us could do it like that.”

Thus the idea for this website was born. We never expected people to take the exact same path that we did. But we did expect for people to seek out their own path. They just didn’t! So we started this website in the hopes that the resources on this site can help people on their path to happiness, and help them realize that they have control over their circumstances and, yes, their happiness! You can do it!