5 Things That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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It is easy to breeze through life without any goals or accomplishments. But where is the fun in that? That is the recipe for a wasted life, a beautiful gift thrown in the gutter. Each and every person has a set of goals or accomplishment that they want to accomplish before they cross over to the afterlife. This is basically the concept of a bucket list. However, there are too many exciting things in this world that deserve a place in one’s bucket list and  the problem comes in when deciding which ones are worth it and which ones are not. Here are 5 simple but great experiences that should be in one’s bucket list.

Learn a Foreign Language

There are so many different languages in the world.  Learning a new language from scratch as an adult can be challenging. This is a perfect task for a bucket list. An English speaker from the UK can choose to learn another language like Spanish or pick a strange native language from Africa such a Swahili or Zulu. Learning such a language will definitely set one apart from their peers and leave one feeling accomplished. It can also be an added advantage in one’s resume.

Fall in love.

This is a must for each and every person. No person should leave this world without experiencing the exhilarating feeling that is love. Love is regarded as the best feeling in the world. Love makes one feel like a new person. Love can soften even the coldest of heart. Millions of songs have been written about love or lovers. Numerous films have been made on love with the greatest film of all time, The Titanic, being a masterpiece of the greatest love the world has ever seen.

Attend a Live Music Event

Music is one of the biggest forces of the world. Every single person has a playlist that they listen to regularly depending on their mood. It is literally impossible to live without music. However, when it comes to music, nothing beats listening to it live as it is performed by the artist. It is one of the most thrilling experiences ever. Live music takes one’s emotions to a whole new level. One is able to understand the artist and feel the inspiration behind their music. Through live music, the audience becomes one with the artist.

Visit One of the Wonders of the World

The eight wonders of the world have been part of history since time immemorial. Each wonder has a long, exciting story behind its inception. Visiting these sites gives one a chance to bask in their ambiance and be part of history. So, pack a bag, take a flight and go visit the pyramids of Egypt. Go and be amazed by their structure and size, learn about their history and bear witness to the hieroglyphs up-close.

Dance in the Rain

People walk around with huge umbrellas during the rainy seasons to avoid getting soaked wet and catching pneumonia. However, on just one occasion, throw caution to the wind and embrace the rain. Feel the cold water as it runs from head to toe. Don’t just walk in the rain, hum a favorite tune and dance in it. Forget about your worries and just enjoy the moment.


More and more people are embracing the concept of having a bucket list. It is one way of ensuring one gets the most out of life. Despite the many amazing thing that one can include in their bucket list, it is advisable to only choose those that are within ones means and capabilities. Pretty much every single person every can dance in the rain.

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