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5 Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

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Self Confidence

Every single person has that one very self-confident friend or person that they admire a lot. Self-confident people light up the world. Everybody wants to be near or around them. They are very comfortable in their own skin and they live their lives without caring what other people think about them. Who wouldn’t want to be like that? In our society today, there are millions of people who are struggling with self-confidence issues. However, working towards being a completely self-confident person is not rocket science. Here are five simple ways to boost ones self-confidence and enable them to live life to the fullest.

Turn negative thoughts to positive thoughts

The first step is to work on oneself. Most people who lack self-confidence are usually consumed with negative thoughts which ruin how they perceive themselves. Less confident people think that they cannot amount to anything or they cannot accomplish a certain task. These thoughts eventually lead to depression. One must first of all fight these thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts. Belief in ones strengths and abilities is a huge step towards complete self-confidence.

Personal grooming

Looking good on the outside translates to feeling good on the inside. Most people feel less confident because of the way they look or dress. A simple shower in the morning can leave one feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. One should invest in a wardrobe that is comfortable and leaves them feeling at ease. A good shave for men and good cologne for both men and women can lighten up ones mood and hence, elevate their self-confidence.


Exercise plays a big role in self-confidence. People who exercise regularly are more self-confident than those who don’t. Exercise refreshes ones body making them feel good on the inside which eventually shows on the outside. Regular exercise makes one to be comfortable with their body. One gets to understand how their body works and therefore appreciate themselves even more. It is important to choose an exercise routine that fits ones schedule and lifestyle.

Associate yourself with positive people.

Self-confidence can be obtained through association with other self-confident people. Less confident people need to associate themselves with positive people who add value to their lives such as good friends and family. They can also associate with co-workers or other peers who are focused and working towards a meaningful life. All the negative people from the past and the memories that come with them should be blocked out as one focuses on making new positive memories.


Finally, act the part. In order to complete the self-confidence revolution, one should start acting self-confident. When it comes to acting self-confident, things like posture, a smile and speaking clearly come to play. One should always wear a smile while networking with other people in order to ease tension and make one appear more self-confident to the other person. Also, speaking out clearly and being articulate is as a good show of self-confidence.


It is clear that self-confidence begins with how a person feels in the inside and then it translates to the outside and how they relate to others. It is important for people to understand themselves and identify the reasons as to why their self-confidence is low. This will enable them to know which areas to work on in order to ensure they grow into self-confident people.

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How To Live A Stress-Free Life

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Stress Free

Stress is a very common thing in the 21st century. Nearly every single person on the planet experiences stress at a certain point in their lives. This means that stress is a global pandemic. The internet is full of publications on how to cope with stress and many writers have made fortunes out of writing self-help books on stress management. More and more individuals are seeking the help of psychiatrists to help them cope with stress in their daily lives. However, there are simple non-strenuous steps that one can follow in order to keep stress at bay.

Identify the trigger

First and foremost, one should identify what triggers their stress. It helps to list down all the things that causes one to be stressed. Listing these situations down helps one to determine the best way to deal with them before they get out of hand.

One thing at a time

Another way to be stress-free is to avoid juggling multiple tasks at once. Heavy multitasking is a major cause of stress. Try doing one thing at a time. Multitasking causes people to lose focus on what they are doing and also lose focus on what is important. It is important for one to prioritize their work and then focus on one task at a time.

De-clutter Schedule

Multitasking goes hand in hand with a cluttered schedule. A hectic schedule is a guaranteed trigger for stress. Not everything that is to be done is worth doing. Sometimes it is okay not to do everything. One should de-clutter their schedule by picking only what is mandatory and dropping tasks that are of less importannce. People should learn to allocate time for rest in their schedule to allow them a chance to recover their energy and also relax the mind.

Stay Healthy

A healthy body is a stress-free body. Being healthy does not necessarily mean running a hundred miles a day, taking yoga classes and going to the gym daily. Being healthy can be as simple as picking up a healthy habit every month. Simple healthy habits can include things like drinking lots of water during the day, eating a fruit after every meal or taking a 20min stroll daily after work.

Have Fun

Lastly, try to have fun. Life is too short for one to go through it sulking without having any fun. Having fun lightens one mood and makes them feel happier and better about themselves. This feeling in turn gives them a positive attitude when it comes to tackling their problems. It is easy to have simple fun moments on a daily basis. Playing with children is a good way to have fun. Children are a good source of joy and playing with them makes one feel rejuvenated. Another fun thing to do is playing board games. Board games are a good way to bond with children, family or peers and make delightful memories.


Stress can be detrimental to a person health if not managed properly and on time. People should ensure they find ways to reduce their stress levels in order to live happier lives. Sometimes stress can be inevitable. It is important for one to practice these simple routines in their daily lives in order to reduce their stress levels.

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Be A Happy Person

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People struggle through life in order to achieve the ultimate goal. This ultimate goal varies from one person to another. To some people being super rich and famous is the ultimate goal. To others it is following their passion. Others may argue that it is finding true love. At the end of the day, all these perceptions boil down to one thing; happiness. Everybody just wants to be happy in life. However, there are those who find it hard to be happy due to various reasons. Over the years people have downplayed the importance of being happy. Some even go as far as declaring that they don’t have time to be happy. These people do not realize how being a happy person affect their lives. Here are five reasons why you should be a happy person.

There is a lot to be thankful for

Most people walk around sad without realizing how much they should be thankful for. Most people have good families that care about them, good jobs that pays their bills, good health and yet they still feel sad. One should stop looking at what they don’t have and be grateful for what they do have because they have more than other people would wish for.

Happiness Increases Productivity

Happy people tend to be more productive in their respective careers or endeavors. Happiness gives one a good attitude towards everything and allows them to perform tasks with gusto. Sad people spend most of their times complaining about everything and end up doing less to none in the long run. Happiness makes a person to be self-driven and motivated towards achieving one’s goals.

To build better relationships

Happy people have better relationships with others. People are generally attracted to happy individuals and therefore, they make friends easily. Happy people have more friends and fewer enemies. Happy people also have better personal relationships with their partners. Sad people are tiresome to be around since they have a dull aura around them. It is for these reasons that people avoid them in favor of happier people.

Happiness is healthy

Happiness has a positive impact on one’s health. This fact is evident in the saying, ”laughter is the best medicine”. Being happy and having more laughter in one’s life improves the body immune system making one to be less prone to diseases. Even doctors recommend happiness or laughter as a way of increasing one’s lifespan.

You are alive!

Hundreds of people die daily due to one reason or another. The fact that you are alive and kicking today is enough reason to be happy.  Many people go to bed at night and don’t live to see the next day. Life is precious and should therefore be appreciated. Smile, be happy and enjoy the sunlight while being grateful to be alive.


Happiness is not a destination but a journey. Most people assume that when they get a certain thing or reach a certain level of achievement, they will be happy. Being happy is a choice. One can start being happy whenever they want to. Choose to be a happy person today.

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5 Things That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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It is easy to breeze through life without any goals or accomplishments. But where is the fun in that? That is the recipe for a wasted life, a beautiful gift thrown in the gutter. Each and every person has a set of goals or accomplishment that they want to accomplish before they cross over to the afterlife. This is basically the concept of a bucket list. However, there are too many exciting things in this world that deserve a place in one’s bucket list and  the problem comes in when deciding which ones are worth it and which ones are not. Here are 5 simple but great experiences that should be in one’s bucket list.

Learn a Foreign Language

There are so many different languages in the world.  Learning a new language from scratch as an adult can be challenging. This is a perfect task for a bucket list. An English speaker from the UK can choose to learn another language like Spanish or pick a strange native language from Africa such a Swahili or Zulu. Learning such a language will definitely set one apart from their peers and leave one feeling accomplished. It can also be an added advantage in one’s resume.

Fall in love.

This is a must for each and every person. No person should leave this world without experiencing the exhilarating feeling that is love. Love is regarded as the best feeling in the world. Love makes one feel like a new person. Love can soften even the coldest of heart. Millions of songs have been written about love or lovers. Numerous films have been made on love with the greatest film of all time, The Titanic, being a masterpiece of the greatest love the world has ever seen.

Attend a Live Music Event

Music is one of the biggest forces of the world. Every single person has a playlist that they listen to regularly depending on their mood. It is literally impossible to live without music. However, when it comes to music, nothing beats listening to it live as it is performed by the artist. It is one of the most thrilling experiences ever. Live music takes one’s emotions to a whole new level. One is able to understand the artist and feel the inspiration behind their music. Through live music, the audience becomes one with the artist.

Visit One of the Wonders of the World

The eight wonders of the world have been part of history since time immemorial. Each wonder has a long, exciting story behind its inception. Visiting these sites gives one a chance to bask in their ambiance and be part of history. So, pack a bag, take a flight and go visit the pyramids of Egypt. Go and be amazed by their structure and size, learn about their history and bear witness to the hieroglyphs up-close.

Dance in the Rain

People walk around with huge umbrellas during the rainy seasons to avoid getting soaked wet and catching pneumonia. However, on just one occasion, throw caution to the wind and embrace the rain. Feel the cold water as it runs from head to toe. Don’t just walk in the rain, hum a favorite tune and dance in it. Forget about your worries and just enjoy the moment.


More and more people are embracing the concept of having a bucket list. It is one way of ensuring one gets the most out of life. Despite the many amazing thing that one can include in their bucket list, it is advisable to only choose those that are within ones means and capabilities. Pretty much every single person every can dance in the rain.

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Correct Attitude: Key To Success In 21st Century

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Positive attitiude

The 21st Century has proven to be a very industrious time in history. People are continuously competing against each other in the name of success. Work places and all other areas of life are becoming more and more competitive as no one wants to be left behind. Millions of graduates are actively seeking jobs while those who have jobs are doing their level best to maintain it. With all this hunger for success going around, a good mental attitude comes in handy in staying ahead of the game. It is hard to continue being productive with a negative attitude. It is important to know how having the correct attitude can improve one’s success.

Know yourself

The first step towards success is self-awareness. People should be able to take time to know themselves and determine their strengths and weaknesses. This enables one to set out clear goals and also identify what areas of life they want to succeed in. Once these areas are determined, one can concentrate their full energy and resources into achieving them.

Good Impression

A positive attitude is the key to a good impression. Going for an interview with the correct attitude will increases one’s chances of landing their dream job. The interviewers will see that the person exhumes confidence and is ready to take the first step towards success. One will also be able to make a good impression when it comes to business and therefore land more business deals. Clients always trust people who have a positive attitude towards their business and capabilities to deliver.

Coping with Tough Times

Tough times are a true measure of our strengths. Most people end up stressed or heavily depressed. They give up and lose their ways when faced with challenges. They start complaining how life is unfair to them and how they don’t know what to do. People with positive mental attitude face tough times head on. Their attitude helps them to cope with frustrations. Instead of whining, they find long lasting solutions. They ensure that they stay successful no matter what curve life throws at them.

Self-Inspiration or Motivation

A lot of people rely on books or memorable quotes to keep them inspired. However, this kind of motivation only lasts for a few days and those people are back to their old uninspired selves. Positive people constantly motivated and seek inspiration from within themselves. Their positive attitude gives them a burning desire, a deep drive from within to achieve success. This kind of inspiration lasts forever within a person as long as they have the correct attitude.

Belief in Oneself

Most people do not succeed in life because they do not believe in themselves. A strong belief in oneself can catapult a person to great heights. It easy for a person with great skills and talent to fail just because of not believing in one’s own capabilities.

Mastering oneself is the first step in mastering all the other aspects of life. In order to master oneself, a positive mental attitude is required. Success in any area of life cannot be achieved with a negative attitude. Having a positive outlook towards life is a powerful tool for success.

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18 Things You Can Do When You’re Feeling Blue


Everyone has those down moments, when they’re stuck in the muck and can’t quite get out. If you’re feeling blue, try one of these (or all of them!) to help you get back to happy.

  1. Smile. It sounds stupid, but your brain connects smiling to happy feel-good hormones, and your brain can’t tell that you’re lying.
  1. Go for a walk. Your brain connects physical movement to endorphins, which raise your mood. Plus you can see pretty things.
  1. Call a friend. You can catch up and take your mind off things.
  1. Do something for a family member. Doing something for others, without expecting anything in return, boosts your mood (and takes your mind off things).


  1. Splurge (a little). Go buy some ice cream, or buy a DVD, or a shirt that’s on sale that you want. Don’t go overboard, but sometimes treating ourselves helps.
  1. Cry. Yep, just let it out. Your emotions will feel spent soon afterwards, and you can go back to “normal.”
  1. Cook. Feeding your body feeds your mind, too. When you put quality food into your body, the chemical composition changes to make you healthier.
  1. Take a nap. Don’t go overboard with this. Just take a nap because sometimes, when we’re tired, it makes us less than happy.
  1. Read. Even if you’re not a big reader, pick up something (even a blog) and just read for 20-30 minutes. Don’t read anything that amplifies negative emotions, though.
  1. Journal. Write in a journal, get it all out, and focus more on following your thoughts than making it perfect or well written. This free writing can help you “brain dump,” so you feel less burdened by your thoughts.
  1. Swim. If you don’t know how to swim, maybe skip this step. Floating in water, whether a pool, hot tub, or even a bath tub, is relaxing and your body will appreciate the relief from constant gravity.
  1. Put on a movie. Or go out and see a movie. Sometimes, escapism is the best bet.
  1. Pamper yourself. If you want to paint your nails, get a hair cut, have a facial, have a massage, etc., pamper yourself (within budget).
  1. Take a sick day. Don’t abuse this one, either. But some days, work is just too much to face on top of everything else you got going on.
Two Young Women Readin In Park At Sunset

Two Young Women Readin In Park At Sunset

  1. Watch cat videos. Who isn’t cheered up by a bunch of adorable cat videos on YouTube?
  1. Play with your pets. Or borrow someone else’s. Pets have been proven to reduce stress and increase happiness.
  1. Meditate. Even if you’ve never done it before, try sitting in a quiet room with your eyes closed for 10 minutes. Just focus on breathing and don’t focus on any one specific thought.
  1. Feel it. Whatever you’re feeling, let it happen. Stop trying to fight it, and stop trying to run from it; it always catches up.
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5 Ways to Be Successful in Life (That Don’t Have to Do With Money)


The majority of us are raised to believe that success means a good job, a nice paycheck, a fancy house, a fast car, a beautiful wife, and 3 kids you can barely stand (kidding!). What we don’t ever consider is that success looks different for everyone. What I think is important isn’t what you think is important, and we don’t have to look like the traditional mold (or we can, that’s our right!). Here are a few ideas of what success looks like for a variety of people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Maybe it will help nudge you along the right path for you.

A Huge Family 

No matter how much money you have in the bank, you can always have a big family. In fact, the more hands, the less money you might need to make because you can sell your child for slave labor (kidding!). Whatever your reason for wanting a large family, having all of your loved ones under one roof may be how you define success. Even if you’re not what people call “rich,” you feel like you are because you are loved from so many directions.


A Career That Brings Value  

There are people who go to law school for years, are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and choose to work for a civil rights firm that pays them about what a teacher makes every year. Why? Because what they do matters. They’ll maybe never be able to pay off that debt, but they can rest easy knowing they’re doing work that actually makes a difference.

Creating a Much-Needed Something  

Entrepreneurs are some of the most happy and successful people we know, as long as their ideas work. They’re creating something that society needs – something that the Big Businesses out there don’t provide, and they are happy because of it. Even if the idea never takes off, or they never get rich, they’re happy working for themselves and for something they believe in.

Traveling the World 

Can you imagine that there are people who forego a nice, secure house and paycheck to live out of a backpack while hopping around the globe? Not many people can do this, but for those that do – that’s how they define success. They look at themselves, what they’ve done, and where they’ve gone, and they can say, “I did that, and I’m happy.” They’re not rich, they’re probably tired, but they’ve got so many amazing stories.


Giving it All Away 

You’ve probably read stories about old millionaires dying and leaving all their riches to a charity. Can you imagine? Some people think of that as a darn shame, but for that person, that may be the sign of success. To have so much money at the end of life to say, “Here, take it.” What an amazing life that would be, and what a great gift that person would give.

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Happiness is a Road, Not a Destination


You may have different beliefs on what is more important in life: the ends or the means. I believe that all that matters in life is the means by which you get to the end, because we all get to the end at some point. Why rush it? The same applies to happiness – some people see it as destination (end), when I see it as the road (means).

Speed Bumps 

No matter how happy you are at any given time, no matter how much you think you’ve finally reached your destination – happiness – you will encounter road blocks and speed bumps at some point. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, a job change, a move, a crazy busy period in your life, etc., something will step in the way of your happiness. Therefore, happiness is not the end – if it was, nothing could get in the way. Happiness is the road because it’s a constant effort to keep on trucking, even when those speed bumps are trying to knock your tires off.

Running Out of Gas  

There are just some times in life where you’re dog tired. Crap keeps piling up, you’ve had a bad couple of days, weeks, or months, and you’re just plain sick of it. You don’t feel like fighting it – you just want to pull over and take a rest. Maybe you’ve entirely run out of gas, so even if you wanted to get back on the road you’re kinda stuck. Now, if happiness was the destination, you wouldn’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. You’d just relax until your tank was full, right? Happiness is the road, because traveling is long and hard and you’re gonna need to refill your tank. Take care of yourself, so you can keep trucking on the road that is happiness.



It doesn’t matter how fast you go on the road, you’re always going to have passengers. Sometimes they’re good passengers, who rock out with you on the best musical road trip ever, and sometimes you want to open their door and push them out doing 80. The people make all the difference, and you can pick people up along the way and drop off some people if you can. If happiness was the destination, the people who made you happiest would already be there, without that shared history. But because happiness is the road, you share your experiences and you have people that shape the trip into something truly memorable.

Speed Traps  

Of course you want to get where you’re going, and you want to get there quickly. Just when you think you’re really making good time, you see those flashing lights in the rearview. There are people that will always try to kill your vibe – and pull you over to let you know that your path to happiness is just not going to work. If happiness was a destination, nobody could interfere. But it’s the road, so remember that people will always try to slow you don’t. Don’t pull over.

5 Metrics Used to Define Happiness

Man stands between boulders on summit, arms out

You may be thinking, “I think I’m pretty happy, but how do I know?” Well, if you’re asking that question, odds are you’re not 100% happy – but who is? Here are 5 ways to measure your happiness, and take stock of how happy and successful you are in life.


For some people, this means money or a great job. For others it means a strong relationship or situation that is familiar to them and not likely to change a whole lot. Whatever it means to you, focus on that and grade your situation in terms of how secure you feel. The higher your security score, the happier you probably are.


While some people claim they don’t need anyone to be happy, and that may be true, odds are that having a love interest in your life (that is secure) will up your happiness factor dramatically. You could even have a romantic interest in someone who doesn’t even know you exist, and it could increase (or decrease) your happiness. Take stock of your love life, and see if that is a source of happiness or unhappiness in your life – and change it if you’re not happy with that.



Health has one of the biggest impacts on happiness, aside from romantic love. Think about it: Could you be totally happy if you were constantly in pain, or terrified that death loomed just over your head? People who are healthier are happier, and people who are happier are healthier. It’s sort of a “chicken and the egg” argument – we aren’t sure which situation creates the other, but they are entirely connected. So feed yourself good food, exercise frequently, and smile more. Your health and happiness depend on it.


People who believe they are providing a value to others, whether in the form of money, time, expertise, love, etc. feel that they are happier. If you feel valued for whatever you have to offer the world, you’re probably happier. Take a moment to reflect on what value you bring, and what you would want to add if you could. If you don’t feel valued enough, think about what you have to offer, and offer it! Volunteer, help a friend, spend more time with your kids, whatever it is that you know will make an impact on someone’s life.


People who feel rushed, stressed, too busy with work or family, and feel they have no time to themselves feel the least happy. Having time to do the things you love to do is a sign of true happiness, and it’s reflected in the amount of effort someone puts into making time. Take a minute to consider how much time you set aside for yourself, or for your whole family, and decide if you’re happy with that amount. If you’re not, don’t just say, “Oh I’m too busy.” Physically carve out or schedule that time in for yourself, because the happiness of yourself and others can’t wait.

How Happiness Became the Joneses’ Next Big Thing


It seems like everywhere you look, happiness is something that you MUST have. “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy ___,” or “Find happiness here!” or multiple blog posts about the easiest way to be happy in life. It’s everywhere! You may read these posts or advertisements, or see books on the shelf and think, “I’m not happy yet! I need to change that!” I’m here to tell you that happiness is not something you need to acquire right now, like that 65” wifi TV or the 6 speedsnowblower the Joneses have next door. Happiness is not something to be acquired, it’s something to be earned.

Money Can’t Buy You Love  

We all know money can’t buy us happiness, even though material possession can definitely make us happy. We also know that some of the richest people are the loneliest because money can’t give you people who love you. But lately, it seems that happiness is the latest hot seller; ads, books, TV shows, blogs, etc. all promise you the most solutions to your happiness problems. In reality, though, what one person says about happiness is not what’s going to be tailor-made for your life and your happiness. In the end, no amount of self help books or seminars about happiness can help you change your situations – only you can.



Everyone’s Doing It 

It seems like everywhere you look, people are quitting their jobs to start up amazing nonprofits and live in tiny homes, or people are leaving their dead end marriages for the hottie they met on vacation. All in the name of happiness. Of course they’re happy! But doesn’t it make you feel a little icky inside, worried that you’ll never find your happiness? In this way, the search for happiness has become a contest, something we check in with all of our friends to see who is doing the most to gain more happiness, or who is living our “happy dream.” Just like keeping up with the Joneses, keeping up with our happiness goals has become a competition.

Happiness Isn’t Instant 

Despite what everything you’re reading, seeing, and hearing says – happiness does not come overnight, with one single decision. Happiness is a daily choice, made with difficult options and plain old hard work. What makes you happy isn’t going to be easy, and what comes easy isn’t going to make you happy. When someone says they know the one thing you should do to make yourself happier right now, keep scrolling, put down the book, turn off the TV, and walk away. Happiness is individually created, and individually owned. Nobody can mass produce happiness. They can maybe give you some points, but don’t ever expect the same results as the next person. Your happiness is your responsibility, and it takes time. If you’re not patient, you won’t ever be entirely happy. You’ve heard the phrase, “The best things come to those that wait,” and happiness is truly no different.